Luxe Houses Short Term Holiday Rentals

Executive Rentals


When we think of “executive rentals” we understand when travelling, business is all the busy executive has in mind with meetings to attend and agendas to meet.  At Luxe Houses we have a number of beautiful properties that offer a solace from the hectic work load, available for an executive rental.  Consider after a long day in the boardroom jumping into a limousine and coming home to luxury, a butler to attend to your requirements, great meal prepared and most importantly privacy.  Perhaps a few laps of the pool or a massage to help you unwind.  Luxe Concierge will make your stay seamless ensuring the professional package you require is at your fingertips.

Then there are times when you require a secure space to conduct those very important meetings, what better that your luxury home – an executive rental – and perhaps when it is all over your colleagues are invited to partake in a stunning trip on the harbour on one of our Super Yachts complete with cocktails…..

Out of town meetings – not a problem with helicopters and jets at your request and suitable executive accommodation for the most discernible business person.

Perhaps you need to travel quite a distance and would like to take the opportunity to incorporate your business trip with a family holiday – we can accommodate this with an executive rental home to suit all and full Luxe concierge support to ensure your family is beautifully taken care of.  Remember “all work and no play makes for a very dull time”.

Our recommendation is to have your executive assistant or personal assistant or travel agent check out Luxe Houses website and we can work in conjunction with them to organise your business stay.