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Luxe Concierge

Everyone’s idea of an amazing journey is wonderfully different. That’s why Luxe Houses By Contemporary Hotels offers a bespoke, dedicated concierge service with the option to design your next luxury travel itinerary.

Luxe Houses By Contemporary Hotels delights in sharing the world’s most spectacular homes and concierge offering access to your list of must haves.

Consider our concierge your local, well-connected friend on the ground. The Luxe Houses VIP network of elite service providers and official team members are trusted, experts. We are continually expanding the opulent offering. From living large with a Ferrari on the weekend to the smaller things a special delivery from the Luxe Houses select chocolatier or artisan florist.

Everything is as you would expect and within reach … helicopter transfers, superyachts, private jets, private chefs, pet pampering, sportscars, stylists, florists, butlers, wine and food curators, nannies, spa therapists, personal trainers and drivers.

Entertaining is easy with the best private chefs available to host formal group dinners or just wow the one you wish to spoil. Our artisan grocer can arrange luxe grocery needs, delivering within hours the world’s favourite, and hard-to-find brands. Ask the Luxe sommeliers for beverage suggestions from the reserve cellar and have delivered to your door.

Transportation is sorted. The Luxe Houses private jet service allows you to be in the skies within hours. Ride in black car transfers, crewed, world-class cruisers and superyachts including Masteka 2 Murcielago and Ghost II.

Concierge is ready when you are. Let’s find your next luxury travel story.