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    Luxe Houses now offers a range of luxury accommodation properties in Melbourne. What was once limited to luxury houses for holiday rental in Sydney has now been expanded due to overwhelmingly positive reviews. Although it’s self-proclaimed, we are proud to be the crème de le crème of luxury house & holiday rentals.

    Continuing with what works, much like Sydney, the accommodation offered in Melbourne is high end with the purpose of being appropriate for all occasions, grand or intimate. What makes us unique is our ability to additionally suggest locations for events such as corporate lunches or product launches. We don’t just serve as accommodation, we organise your stay to embody the lifestyle of what you’ve picked. Ultimate satisfaction is the aim.

    Luxury Accommodation Design

    Luxe Houses is proud of their rental properties. There is a lot to be said about Luxe Houses. Each home that can be rented in Melbourne has been assessed and assembled to guarantee ultimate customer satisfaction. The vibe and overall feel of each house has a deliberate and structured design. This was done on purpose in an attempt to capture the vibe and overall mindset of the people and its city.

    The accommodation in Melbourne aims to take advantage of what Melbourne is all about. Most rentals are positioned with close access to transport, landmarks (Royal Botanic Gardens, Albert Park Lake), sports venues (MCG) and vibrant areas (Federation Square). These houses offer either skyline views or sweeping, open views into and across Melbourne.

    Further Luxury Benefits

    Luxe Houses is proud to also offer concierge service to its customers. If you’re on a luxury holiday, lets face it, physical and mental exertion is for chumps. We’d be concerned if you wanted to do all the hard work so leave all your thoughts and troubles at the door step while we ensure your stay or event in Melbourne is a memorable one! We promote decadence and so what this means is that everything from butlers, yacht hire and personalised spa treatments are on offer. We really go all out.