Luxe Houses Short Term Holiday Rentals


The Asian Cup will kick off in January 2015, and this will be a “festival of football” with matches being played in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and regional areas.

This is an opportunity of a lifetime to plan a summer holiday in Australia making a sensational Private Home on Sydney Harbour, beaches or thereabouts your base for these events.

Luxe Houses have a number of magnificent homes where a couple of friends and or family could indulge in the lap of luxury whilst the soccer fans do their thing.

Now I’m not saying that those not inclined to watch soccer need to spend all their time staying at their luxury holiday home swimming and indulging in the niceties of life – maybe a harbour cruise, gallery tour or shopping with your personal fashion adviser might be on the list of things to do.

The soccer fans will not be missing out on the good life as we can organise a limousine or luxury coach for transport to the games especially between Sydney, Newcastle and Canberra or even a helicopter! How about lunch along the way or perhaps a “sportsman dinner”. Imagine coming home after a big game of soccer and diving into your pool, having a BBQ and reliving the game ball by ball.

Planning a holiday where each person gets to indulge in something they enjoy and then when coming together everyone is bursting with news about what a sensational time they have had, what they experienced, purchases made and who kicked what goal. When planning this style of holiday, everyone is a winner!