Luxe Houses Short Term Holiday Rentals

Rejuvenation, the Luxe way

Stop what you are doing right now – step outside yourself and have a good hard look at your body both from the inside and out! How do you look?

I guarantee it is not as bad as you think – probably looking just a little tired and need to adjust your work / life balance?

You need a holiday! Not just any holiday – a Luxury Holiday

Consider holidaying in a private luxury home, perhaps on the harbour with amazing views or the beach life maybe more your style or even a country estate.

Once arriving at your destination you enter into a world of beauty and privacy. Just take the time to admire the view and your intimate surroundings and consider what to do next. If you have planned ahead the pantry already has a few of your favourite things and the champagne and beer is chilled – so the mundane things have been taken care of.

If you have brought the family, the squeals of excitement from the kids discovering the pool, TV, games, boatshed and fishing lines whatever, is pure joy – and you know the holiday has begun.

Let the rejuvenation begin – and you don’t have to go anywhere: Luxury can come to you.

Some people consider sleeping in one of the greatest indulgences of a holiday – well why not – no guilt in doing that.

Yoga on the beach at sunrise – magnificent. It’s interesting that we never make time in our busy lives to just breathe and take in nature’s beauty.

Now for the long awaited massage, the scented oils and calming music – and you don’t have to go anywhere your only decision is how long and how often during your holiday do you want the masseuse to visit.

Feeling good?

Food nourishes the body and the soul. Whether you dine at home with your personal chef, have a family BBQ or dine out – you feel great and are prepared to make a few plans regarding what and where to eat. Our concierge service can take care of the catering or organising a limousine to chauffeur you your destination.

They say “clothes maketh the man” well how about “a new wardrobe makes us all feel good”! There is something about holiday shopping and it is easy if done the right way. Indulge in the spirit of a luxurious holiday – book a car and driver and off you go. We have all seen “Pretty Woman” – well just do it – the driver will be there when you have finished!


Holidays are all about reconnecting with each other. Holidaying with the family is great and everyone benefits, but nurturing the personal relationship is vital, it keeps the ship steady. During this holiday of pure luxury and a little indulgence it is the perfect time to take a walk together along the beach, or sit back, play your favourite music whilst sipping champagne and you will notice that you are relaxed and actually talking to each other and listening.

When you are back home from your fabulous holiday, step back and look at each other – you all look great! REJUVENATION – see you next year (or maybe sooner) for another dose of the Luxe House experience!