Luxe Houses Short Term Holiday Rentals

Getting Around

Location, location, location we know what this hype is about! We have the locations for amazing Luxury Private Homes.

However once you have found the ideal home for your holiday whether it is on Sydney Harbour, the exciting Eastern suburbs or the beautiful Northern beaches, in fact wherever you have chosen to spend your holiday in one of our luxury private homes, consideration must then be given to how to arrive at your destination.

life does not need to be as predictable as the obvious. Once you have cleared Customs or arrived in the hub of the City you are on the verge of making your entrance into the beautiful home which will be the base for your holiday.

A limousine is a comfortable, stylish way to approach your luxury holiday home, a driver in a black suit opens the doors and handles the luggage – doesn’t cause a stir – your arrival is understated and discreet while your privacy is maintained.

The Limousine is also available for your convenience for shopping, site seeing and generally getting about and don’t forget the Hummer you can party all the way to your holiday home!

Holidaying further afield at the Northern beaches or the Blue Mountains on a large estate, arriving in a helicopter would certainly make an entrance – its fast (no traffic problems) and what an experience – also a great way to take in the city and surrounds – what a view!

Now you have safely arrived at your luxury home, perhaps freshened up in the pool or celebrate with a glass of champagne, then consideration will need to be given to what places to visit and how to get there. This is only limited by your imagination!

Seaplanes bring to mind romantic getaways to out of the way restaurants or isolated beaches for a picnic for two. Our concierge service would be delighted to help you organise a special rendezvous!

Choosing a luxury private home on Sydney harbour, you will holiday in a style that only the privileged few ever experience. The sights and sounds of a working and recreational harbour will whet your appetite to get out amongst it all. How about jumping into a speed boat from your private jetty and heading over to the fish markets to purchase the latest catch of the day and returning for a long lunch with family and friends.

Perhaps be adventurous and sail away through Sydney heads and hopefully share the wake with friendly dolphins – such a pleasurable way to discover the harbour and coastline.

And of course there is always the luxury yacht to motor around the harbour under the stars in absolute style and comfort.

Then there is always the sports car, roof down, sunglasses on and head off down the highway!

Whatever your preferred mode of transport your stay will be greatly enhanced at a Luxe House.