Luxe Houses Short Term Holiday Rentals

Family Holidays

A family holiday full of good times, laughter and shared experiences are the legacies which we pass onto the next generation planning their family holiday. Memories are created, photos sorted through over for years with the exclamation “remember when or did you really wear that?”

When planning that ultimate family holiday careful consideration is always given to the destination whether it be an overseas experience or discovering our own country, a beach holiday, farm experience or the city life whatever location is ultimately decided on the next big question is where to stay.

Hotels, motels, guest houses or camping – why not delve into the world of a luxury private home!



This is one the most important aspect of life, whether you are travelling as a couple or family – meaning mothers, fathers, kids, grandparents, aunts, uncles the list goes on – we all want to enjoy each other’s company not the hotel guests.  Holidays are the time to indulge in each other’s company enjoy a quiet time or laugh out loud and not be told to “be aware that there are other guests in the dining room or around the pool”.

You don’t have to hand your keys in at the front desk, share the lobby, the dining room, the pool, the lift in a luxury private home. Consider a luxury private home as a retreat from prying eyes and the opportunity to envelop each other or your family.


Selecting the perfect location is usually based around what you wish to experience during our holiday. For example the beach is often chosen for a summer holiday. Imagine a day on the beach, coming home to your private pool to cool off again and perhaps a family BBQ, then more swimming and not having to share with anyone else – pure bliss!

Or sitting on a balcony sipping champagne, watching the sun go down and the city lights making their magnificent appearance and perhaps fireworks and it’s your balcony, your music, and your conversation – such a luxury we yearn for.

Imagine front row seats for the New Years Eve Fireworks on Sydney Harbour in your Luxury Private house with inhouse caterers, a perfect evening shared with your family and friends.


You don’t have to stay in a Hotel to enjoy the convenience of a Concierge Service. At Luxe Houses we offer a full range of services, including pre stocking your pantry – you just need to shop online and notify our Concierge service of the delivery and we will take care of the rest.  Holidaying in a luxury private home allows you the convenience of self catering or an inhouse chef should you not wish to dine out.

Limousine services to your door, massages by the pool, babysitting, hair and makeup in privacy of your home.

How about private tennis lessons on your own tennis court or perhaps a workout in your own gym and no sharing of steam rooms and saunas.

The advantages of holidaying in a Luxury Private Home are immeasurable. Discover for yourself some of the wonderful luxurious private homes available right here.