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Corporate Entertaining

Private Houses for corporate entertaining and luxury VIP dinners.

Choosing to hire out a private residence for a corporate event or luncheon might sound a bit unusual, however it is becoming a more popular occurrence. Gone are the days of board meeting and functions being held in the traditional office setting with businesses now looking to take their employees and clients to private luxury homes where they not only hold a meeting but also create an experience.

When deciding on whether to choose a private home or a conference center it’s easy to see which option is going to go down well with guests. Why not explore some of the benefits of choosing an exclusive luxury house for your next function?

  1. Privacy

    When holding intimate functions clients are often looking for a private space or venue where conversations and important information cannot be overheard or interrupted by just anyone. Restaurants of course have private function rooms and areas but they just don’t offer the same type of experience. Hiring a private home gives the client full control of the environment, from who can actually attend or be present at the home, right down to what the chef will prepare for lunch. People are also looking for a more unique experience, having their functions catered by their choice of celebrity chef.

  2. Ease of Access

    Clients are not limited by how the home is furnished or presented as with hiring the home they have the ability reposition the furniture. They have the option to take pieces out and even bring in new pieces to achieve the desired atmosphere for the event. Guests also have access to the amenities on the property and most private homes are conveniently located with drivers on call.

  3. Location Location Location

    Why share a spectacular view of Sydney with thirty other strangers in a restaurant when you and your guests can enjoy your very own views of the Harbour Bridge, Opera House and the iconic Sydney architecture from the privacy of an exclusive Harbour front residence. For anyone looking to treat their clients or guests in the finest style there is one property with views that will leave guests speechless once they walk through the door. La Corniche pleasantly positioned right on the banks of McMahons Point, this majestic whole floor apartment boasts not only the finest views of Sydney but features a number of private and communal entertaining spaces where clients can connect against the iconic Sydney backdrop. La Corniche was also designed with a hydraulic lift that is capable of carrying anything from a case of champagne to a grand piano from the ground floor up to the apartment to enhance the guest’s experience.

So when planning your business luncheon or client entertainment don’t opt for the ordinary, try something truly unique and why not join us at Luxe Houses to indulge in the privacy of a holiday house that is exclusive and luxurious.

Take a glance at our portfolio of spectacular properties we have on offer, from simplicity and style to pure decadence and luxury, it’s all good for the soul.