Luxe Houses Short Term Holiday Rentals



What we yearn for on a holiday, be it a weekend break or the luxury of a few weeks, not just the feeling of good times and relaxation but the absolute necessity of a “contented rest”.

You have chosen to stay in a beautiful home rather than a hotel as your desire is not having to share your private time with strangers and all that goes on in hotel foyers, dining rooms, gyms and pool areas. Having arrived, unpacked your bags your holiday has now really begun. Long lazy days by the pool, walks on the beach, intimate lunches or whatever you plan to include in your holiday – all is good. You feel relaxed, you look great and all is fine in your world.

However, do you have that feeling of being quietly and peacefully happy?

This is often a feeling gained by taking time out for whatever period and lose yourself in a beautiful piece of music, magnificent sunset or perhaps looking down at your children sleeping. You are purely lost in the moment or hours and your soul has been nurtured and you are easy in your mind, satisfied with the way things have been done.

Enjoy your holiday, the amazing experiences, beautiful homes and each other – and when that moment of contentment creeps up on you accept it and tell those close you that you love them.