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A Prince for the Day

All the talk is about princesses well I think it is about time the Prince in our lives gets a mention. Now your Prince could be husband, partner, dad, son or whoever that male in your life that makes a difference. We should acknowledge him for who he is and how he represents himself in our life.


Because he often feels misunderstood, taken for granted and left out of the fun things – actually he just feels sorry for himself.


A holiday – not just any holiday but the sort of holiday you have always planned. A luxurious home that no matter what you are out and about doing it is a great place to return to. A place for relaxation, solitude – far from the madding crowd.

A Day in the Life of a Prince

Jog along the beach and a surf
Home for breakfast – just taking it easy and chatting.
Off to the cricket / soccer whatever with a couple of good mates
Quick drink at the pub and then home for a massage and siesta
Limousine picks you both up for a romantic dinner at one of the best restaurants in town with amazing views perhaps you surprise him with a gift – just a small token of appreciation.
Home to pop the cork off a bottle of champagne, listen to music and perhaps a moonlight swim……..

Now some Princes may like a weekend away fishing with the boys – great – our concierge service can organise a couple of hampers for them and you can wish them well and don’t forget the mosquito spray!

And then the girls can play PRINCESS FOR THE A DAY!!! – now where to begin?